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Robb Harvey, COO of Entando, explains why Modern Applications 

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Three success stories about Modern Applications. Be the next one

“ Aligned with the Octo Telematics group's view of technologies for Mobility, we wanted to launch a platform to build Car/Ride Sharing services called Sharemine. Multitenancy, time to market, scalability, UX focus were a must for us. The modern app paradigm met our needs exactly.”  

“The agility of Entando Modern Application platform and the presence of ready-to-use components allowed us to launch the first release of our application first on the market, much faster than expected. Speed is key for business, nowadays.” 

“Entando DXP is a valuable complement to Red Hat’s business automation solutions, enabling developers to build engaging user experiences and accelerate time to market for modern cloud-native applications." 

Open source platform for developing applications that automate business processes 

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